A new level in efficiency

Consumers expect high-quality experiences and unprecedented freedom and flexibility from their operators, while new content and communications platforms place a heavy demand on the network.

Qvantel’s unique BSS service suite provides an easy and cost efficient solution for the key cornerstones of daily business: managing customer experience, managing and analysing product portfolio and managing revenue streams.

A new way to do

Business Support Solutions

Qvantel offers traditional BSS solutions in a new way: as an easy and efficient service suite that comes with well-formed operational practices and professional service specialists in addition to the proven software solutions.

The services enable customers to efficiently manage the processes and software solutions in the key elements of their business: customer interface, product portfolio and revenue flow.

Qvantel Customer Management Services

Manage end-customer information and services needed for the sales and self service interfaces towards the end-customers.

Qvantel Product Management Services

Provide services for product and portfolio management, and product catalogue driven order orchestration (order delivery, tracking and provisioning).

Qvantel Revenue Management Services

Provide services for billing and monetisation management.

All Services

Additional Services

Delivery And Integration Services

Provide expertize for commercial deployment and extension of the services (with e.g. additional third parties).

Business Acceleration Services

Provide pre-production services for new initiatives.

Vertical Solutions Services

Optimize the Qvantel’s service solutions for use in vertical markets (e.g. in vertical enterprise markets such as industry automation).


All Qvantel’s services are visible in the daily work in the following concrete ways

Real people provide dedicated expertise in customer teams as an extension to customers’ own teams. They handle the planning, execution and quality management for operations.

Visualization presents real-time view to KPIs (defined with customer) through dashboards. Qvantel also provides analytics and reporting services for the customer to stay on the pulse on the direction and trends in the business.

Web UI based BSS tool-box makes managing the services easy and flexible.

Our BSS Service Suite provides software solutions as a service frees customers from IT work.

Governance provides dedicated operational and steering meetings with customers.

Expertise is provided whenever new needs arise. Our consulting services are always there to help.

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