Digitalization – Accelerated

Qvantel is a pioneer in the field of BSS and Telco digital transformations with over 20 years of experience.

We help Operators with successful digitalization in faster time and with lower risk to maximise their business efficiency, reduce operational costs, and provide exceptional customer experience.

We are a trusted partner with multiple successful digital transformation projects for Telco Operators, with results of up to 80% reductions in BSS System OPEX.

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Flexible Solutions for Operator Needs

In addition to offering our full BSS as a Service,  Qvantel can provide complementing offerings to operator solutions where other partners are the main solution providers.

Qvantel welcomes operators invitations to engage in their transformation projects. For integration with other technologies (any form of BSS components in the landscape), solution design and integration is done then through a concrete customer case upon customer requirements.

Integration with Qvantel BSS stack can be done quickly during the delivery project as Qvantel products and solutions are built using a flexible integration architecture. Qvantel master data management framework offers open Qvantel BSS API for integrations and uses unified information model inspired by TM Forum SID. Qvantel APIs enable innovation on top of the public APIs, and addition or replacements of core system components.

Along with flexible architecture, Qvantel has developed unified Qvantel processes, templates, tools and learning materials that will guide both Qvantel and Telcos to excel in projects.

These deployment methods incorporate learnings and best practices from successful Qvantel transformation and delivery projects done during past years. (Including tools and methods for both core integrations and customer specific integrations.)

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