Software Developers for Distributed Systems (open)

Competence, commitment and care lead our way and combine us. Hopefully you share our values on your journey to become the newest member of the Qvantelee family!

Software Developers for Distributed Systems

Would you want to be part of a team of experts working with the best tools and gadgets while engaging in co-creation with our international customers? 

Building complex applications consisting of multiple interconnected and independent components is both challenging and interesting. We are looking for developers who have experience in building such systems. If you happen to have previous relevant domain knowledge (BSS, telecom), that would be great but not mandatory.

From RESTful micro services to message queue based event processors, building a distributed network of applications not only requires knowledge of software-level processes, there is also a demand for systems level knowledge. Understanding the semantics of a system is as critical as is understanding its communications model or software-level implementation.

We are seeking developers who have experience in building networked applications, using different languages, operating systems, implementations and communication platforms. Your experience can be from various sources: certainly, knowledge of the most common transfer medium these days, HTTP, is appreciated, but we also like experience in message queues; in general, inter-process communication is the keyword.

At Qvantel, we are developing these features for various business requirements. Our development process relies on the modern as well on the time-proven, using old battle-tested solutions and trying out new technologies to reach higher. You will be working as a software developer, using Scala and functional programming; ideally you have some knowledge of functional programming in either Scala or Haskell. A deeper understanding of software architectures is also a plus.

If you recognize and are interested in some of the following buzzwords and technologies, we might be interested in you: HTTP & REST, Message queues, Kafka, Spark, Finagle, Thrift, Scala, Cassandra, Hadoop, NoSQL databases, relational databases. You also understand Software Design Patterns and Architectures, writing automated tests is part of your programming routine and you are familiar with Git or similar version control.

Changing the game with us!
We offer interesting and challenging work in a fast-growing, customer-oriented tech-driven company! There are plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and progress in your career as we are simultaneously doing the same ourselves. Check more about our current business growth from our blog!

At Qvantel we have built a young, dynamic, international culture where people are motivated to learn and develop themselves, are used to working both independently as well as in teams, have a systematic, hands on working style and a can-do attitude. Our people are used to communicate across other cultures and time zones. A sense of humor can also come in handy.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information from careers(a) We will fill the positions as soon as we have openings and find suitable candidates. Please send your application with CV and salary request using our application form below with no delay.

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We are continuously looking for passionate software developers for many teams all around Qvantel, and if/when a matching job opportunity will arise we will contact you then!

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