Multiple Paths to Digitalization – Which One is Best for You?

Digitalization opens a wealth of opportunities (as well as challenges) for the telecom industry.  Qvantel helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) accelerate their journey towards becoming true Digital Service Providers (DSPs) with low-risk and proven results.

While this evolution can be challenging, it is a necessity for providers who wish to remain competitive. Qvantel has worked with a wide variety of operators during our rapid international growth to execute different digitalization strategies to adapt to the various business situations CSPs face. To address the range of requirements we see in the market, Qvantel has created a suite of offerings and propositions geared towards those specific business needs.

The key solution paths we enable for operators are:

for customer engagement transformation,
for the most efficient transformation of full BSS landscape,
an open and intelligent foundation for digital monetization,
a smarter and lower risk way to accelerate digitalization to get to the market and achieve results faster.

Innovation & Disruption – Act Now or Fall Behind
The amount of innovation and disruptive new business models in the global IT and Telecoms industry show no signs of slowing down. This landscape is changing faster than ever, both for new opportunities as well as threats. The erosion of legacy revenue streams driven by over-the-top (OTT) competitors continues, forcing operators to consider new ways of remaining relevant to consumers as well as enterprise customers.

While the starting point and strategy for change varies by operator (according to a global study done by EY), digital business models, customer experience, cost control and business efficiencies are on top of the agenda for most all operators. The key to succeed is to start moving forward now, and to accelerate your digitalization.

Transforming Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to Digital Service Providers (DSPs)
The best part is that the change towards digital can be done in several ways to support the largely varying business situations and timelines. For one operator, winning market share with a new separate brand (and the related BSS solutions) might be the best option. For another, the priority could be the rapid refresh of their mainstream customer engagement digital solutions and the related processes.

Qvantel’s strength is in transforming the BSS landscape, including the software and services related to the digitalization of operators’ business. We use cutting edge technology, including predictive analytics and intelligent automation, that help deliver exceptional customer experience and significantly reduce costs.

Qvantel creates a flexible environment where operators can enable front-end digitalization without the need for a large-scale transformation of the legacy charging, billing, provisioning and mediation layers. This way, operators can fully benefit from customer experience digitalization, while the legacy elements can be modernized at the operator’s own schedule and pace with lower risk.

Digital Channels Designed for Driving Digitalization and Smart Customer Journeys
For the digital customer experiences, Qvantel offers a Qvantel Digital Channel solution offering, with a unified, omni-channel experience including optimised customer journeys and lower touch point costs. The main value drivers include significantly improved customer experiences, enhanced ability to upsell and drive high margin growth – and to reduce or eventually even eliminate costs from manual operations.

Unmatched Efficiency, Agility and Convenience with BSS as a Service (BSSaaS)

For those operators who wish to go for the greenfield launch of a new brand, or set up parallel business operations with a modern new BSS solution, the most convenient and efficient option is to select Qvantel Digital BSS as a Service. Digital BSS as a Service is also a comprehensive option as the replacement of an entire legacy BSS solution, and provides outstanding business efficiency, freeing CSPs to focus on their business instead of IT.

Open and Intelligent BSS Core for Monetization
of Digital Services 

Some operators have already invested in the digital customer experiences layer, but have mounting pressure to consolidate and modernize their BSS back-end for the digital era. This aim at saving costs and securing business continuity with modern, evolving technologies. These operators can benefit from Qvantel Digital BSS Core, which has been created for intelligent offer management, optimized monetization for digital services and catalogue-driven business.

Unique Solution for Accelerating Digitalization with Lower Risks

While the transformation of the entire BSS landscape is often seen as a challenge with a very high-risk level, there are clever ways to mitigate the risks and proceed in steps. Qvantel has developed a unique Qvantel Digital Accelerator solution, which combines specific elements from Qvantel BSS technologies with a phased transformation methodology. This provides the operator predictable steps towards the major change they are aiming at, with intermediate business benefits on the way. It also decouples the channel and back-end layers, enables operator to proceed with different clock-speeds on these layers if needed.

Hard work has been a real defining factor for Qvantel and our reputation, with customers noticing and appreciating our commitment to innovation. Providing excellent customer service is well recognized as a part of our DNA.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your digitalization and which solution is best suited to your needs.

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