Orange is now Salt.

On 23rd of April, Switzerland woke to find that an iconic brand in the Swiss telecommunications market was gone and a new, more dynamic company had taken its place: Salt.

This wasn’t just a rebranding project. It was a major change in the culture and operations of a company. But, more than that, it represented the start of a driving force in the Swiss market. Salt is about simplicity. It is about sincerity. It is about dynamism. It is about bringing the more mobile lifestyle to the people in Switzerland.

And Qvantel was there. For us, the project started as a workshop held in Helsinki, Finland in mid-May 2014. The Salt team asked Qvantel to take responsibility for renewing the customer-facing channels, product and service offerings, order-related communications and invoicing. Our team worked in close partnership with the customer for the whole year – and it was all done in secret.

The launch weekend started with a huge event in Zurich and by the start of business on Monday, the old brand was gone. Gone. Completely gone! Salt had taken its place.

On behalf of Qvantel, we would like to congratulate the entire Salt team for another successful and historic change. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the journey.

– Rubén López and Topias Koskimäki

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