Qvantel Launches Digital Channels Solution for Digitalization Benefits & Future Evolution

9 April 2018

Helsinki, Finland – Qvantel announces the launch of its Qvantel Digital Channels solution, a “one-stop shop” to manage digital life and digital business throughout the entire customer lifecycle.  Qvantel Digital Channels provide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) powerful, holistic omni-channel solutions across their customers’ lifecycle, digital and assisted touchpoints, and lines of businesses (including B2C, B2B, and Multi-play).

Designed for the data driven era, the thin front-end is catalog driven, personalized by intelligent recommendation engines and uses a common data model and business logic underneath the open BSS API architecture. This empowers rich customer engagement through smart digital interactions and adaptive journeys, resulting in increased sales, strengthened loyalty and enriched customer experience.

Niilo Neuvo, Qvantel’s Chief Technology Officer, says, “As the amount of digital channel types, monetization models and sophisticated digital interaction methods increase, Qvantel’s fully telecom focused channel solution gives the best possible approach to both optimize costs and capture the benefits of digitalization – with a product-based path to future evolution.

Qvantel Digital Channels is built on top of an open BSS API. This way, operators can further extend their channel innovations, tapping into the same data and business logic underneath the API layer. As the solution is created on top of a BSS API, it is available either as part of a complete BSS solution (for example, as part of Qvantel Digital BSS as a Service), or with an alternative BSS back-end (as previously announced.)

Qvantel Digital Channels builds on Qvantel’s extensive experience in cloud-based customer engagement solutions for the telecom market and includes an optimized Omni-Channel experience – especially designed for the needs of the digital and data driven era of the industry.

Known for its ability to make radical efficiency improvements to its customers BSS operations (up to 80% reductions in OPEX), Qvantel covers all key business lines and customer touchpoints with its Omni-Channel solution.The digital touchpoints cover eShop, eCare, Mobile App for customer self-service, and assisted touchpoint solutions increase efficiency of daily work of operator Sales and Care teams.

The solution is designed to drive digitalization in customer interactions to further boost business efficiency. The modularity of the solution enables launching of digital only business lines, where customer journeys and services are designed for the digital only paradigm.













About Qvantel

Qvantel is leading Digital Acceleration for Telco Operators with our pioneering cloud-based Business Support System as a Service (BSSaaS).

We help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) maximize their business efficiency, provide exceptional customer experiences, and reduce operational costs – with results of up to 80% reductions in BSS OPEX.

Qvantel is a privately held company with over 1000 employees with offices in Finland, Colombia, Estonia, India, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and USA. Qvantel is listed on London Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe 2017.

For more information, visit our website  www.qvantel.com
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