Customer Journey Simplification – An Essential Part of Business Transformation

As enterprises we may be complex inside, but dealing with us should be simple.”

Working in the telco industry, particularly with Business Support Systems (BSS), we rarely encounter anything close to simple in our business. With the multiplexity of integrated systems, entangled processes and use cases, and even the ever-changing organizational structure, everything seems to be so complex.  Logically, we should avoid unnecessary complexity and have simplification as the ultimate improvement goal.

However, when we look at the needs of the telecommunication industry, we have to admit that BSS is inherently complex. To some extent, we are able to reduce and replace legacy systems and streamline business processes; but we can’t reduce the increasing complexity of functionalities that are required in BSS.

Both industry trends and Qvantel’s experience tell us that BSS needs to be productized with standardized components to scale and to accelerate time-to-market. But how do we address the dynamic needs of customers in different local contexts all over the world with off-the-shelf products?

Understanding the Holistic Customer Journey

Qvantel’s Customer Journey Simplification approach is created to address this paradox.

In a holistic view, the customer journey is studied as a dynamic layer to embrace the local context, which further drives the E2E deployment of standard products, including business processes, use cases, and solution components.

Customer Journey Framework

To best satisfy the needs of customers from both customer and business perspectives, Qvantel’s Customer Journey Framework  simultaneously looks at the both the customer journey and business journey. Its starting point is understanding and focusing on the needs of the customer, and the end result is using that knowledge to empower business to be more efficient and to deliver more effective and relevant interactions.

Applying qualitative and ethnographic research expertise to understand customers’ life context, we are able to identify and prioritize technology and business innovation driven by optimizing the customer experience.

This human-centric approach is a unique value proposition for BSS, because it envisions the business transformation not only as an IT project, but a truly holistic matter incorporating business, design, and technology.

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