Coming to Contact Forum? Win yourself a job!


How many recognize the feeling when attending a career fair that there are so many (unfamiliar) companies, other attendees crowding the hallways and long lines to specific company stands? To get the most out of a recruitment fair, it’s good to have some kind of idea which companies interest you because there are plenty to choose from.

Speaking of, you might not have heard from us previously so we thought we’ll make it easier for you and tell a bit about us. Yes, even we will be there at Contact Forum held at Helsinki Fair Center the 7th of December.  And we might be looking just for you.

Qvantel is the leader of the BSS private cloud. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Once we get past the company jargon it means we are doing digital solutions for our customers in telecommunications. Our mission is to help them create the best possible customer experience for their own end-customers with our solutions. We also work to maximize our customer’s business efficiency. We’re doing the largest digital business transformation so far in the telco business and our solutions will be visible to 200+ million subscribers once they are out. And by the way, BSS means Business Support Solutions, if you didn’t know.

We have just passed the critical teenage and as a 21-year-old young adult, Qvantel employs 450+ IT professionals in six countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, India and USA. Our headquarters is in Kalasatama, Helsinki and our biggest site is in Jyväskylä. Our newest site in Finland is in Tampere, and we are ramping up also Madrid, Spain.

During 2016 we have recruited over 150 new Qvantelee’s, most of them to our Finnish offices, and the same will continue in 2017. It might be just you who we need to be a part of this exciting journey!

Hopefully this has lowered the threshold – come by to say hi to us to our stand! You have a chance to talk to a Business Analyst, Product Manager, Data Analytics expert, our CEO and many more. So choose which position it is that you aim for to hear more! Follow our Facebook and Linkedin pages where we will publish the schedules closer to the event.

In addition to our great on-the-spot team we also have something quite exciting to offer at the stand: take part in our competition and win yourself a job! You heard right, an actual job!

We can’t wait to meet you so that we can exchange our stories! Meanwhile, you can get more familiarized with us, our current situation and daily life in our social media sites: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

See you at Contact Forum in Helsinki on Wednesday 7th of December on our stand at location C2!

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