4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Job Application and Increase Your Chances for an Interview

The meaning of a job application is to get an interview with the company, right? Here at Qvantel we get  around 400 applications every month and conduct multiple interviews. With a well-written application and preparation, you can stand out from the rest to better catch our attention.

From a recruiter’s point of view, a good application is easy to read –  the resume is a compact text of the applicant’s competencies and the cover letter can show the personality of the applicant in a fitting way. Here are 4 simple tips of what can help you improve your chances of getting an interview:

  1. Know Your Motivation
    Make sure that you understand why you would want to work for company X in position Y and are able to clearly communicate it. Recruiters are interested to know why applicants have chosen to apply specifically to their company, why they want to work there, and what skills you have that will help you succeed in the position and on the team.

    In some cases, your passion and motivation can be more important to choosing the right candidate than a certain skill which can be mastered or trained on the job.

  2. Customize your Application
    If you are applying to a certain role or position and the company asks for an application letter, please customize your own accordingly. That way you get the chance to highlight your specific experiences and skills that are relevant to the position. Let us know that you have actually read the job advertisement and mirror your past experiences with what we are looking for.  (For open applications, make sure you have an understanding of the company’s business and needs.  Communicate what skills and value you could bring to the company in which roles.)Be sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and you have included the link URL.  Most contacts will visit your page to see your history, connections, recommendations and other information that may give a deeper insight into your competencies and experience than a CV alone.
  3. Utilize the Contact Information Intelligently
    If there’s a contact person mentioned, utilize this opportunity to ask more details of the job, team, practicalities etc.   One pro-tip is to contact before you have sent the application: this way you can get some useful information that you can use and make your application even better.However, if you are only calling to be remembered or to ask questions which  are already answered in the job ad will most likely not leave a good impression of you to the recruiter.After you send your application, if you have LinkedIn Pro, you can send a short message to the contact person to introduce yourself and tell them to look for your application.  This also makes it easy for the key contact to directly click on your profile.
  4. Be Thorough
    Spell check, write your cover letter with the appropriate tone and language -a good thumb rule is to use the same type of language as the advertisement is written unless advised otherwise.  If you choose to use the same application letter with multiple positions, consider a minor personalized update so that it’s targeted to the right company and role (and not the previous position that you applied to in a different company).


* Didn’t get an interview with Qvantel this time but still feel that you are a Qvantelee by heart? Don’t give up! Just send us a new application letter when another position opens that fits your competence.  We will still have your previous application stored in our system, but with such a large volume of applications, it helps to make sure you keep your name visible to our recruiters for every relevant position.

** What do you do if there is not a specific position open that would fit your profile? Send us an open application where you let us know why you would want to work at Qvantel, what you have done previously and what you would want to do in the future. This way, we don’t need to guess what your interests are – especially if you have a long career already behind you – and it’s easier for us to evaluate your profile next to our current or future needs which may not yet be publicly posted.

Good luck!


The writer works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Qvantel and reads hundreds of applications every month.

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