Qvantel Listed as One of Most Profitable Companies in Finland

27 Dec 2017, Helsinki

Finland’s Financial/Trade newspaper, Kauppalehti, listed Qvantel on their just published list of the most profitable companies in Finland.  (Link)

The most profitable companies in Finland are listed by Kauppalehti’s analyst, Ari Rajala, based on the return on capital. Rajala emphasiszes that all companies that are on the list must have a strong market position to maintain such high margins. The criteria to be on the list is to have at least EUR 5 million profit before taxes and have a profit margin of at least 20 percent of net sales. The data is based on the financial statements of last year’s business analyzed by the Kauppalehti Analysis Unit Balance Consulting.

Qvantel delivers successful digital acceleration for Communication Service Providers to maximize their business efficiency, reduce operational costs, and to provide unrivalled customer experience with our pioneering cloud-based Business Support Systems (BSS) as a Service

Qvantel is a privately held company with over 1000 employees with offices in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, India, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, and the United States.  Qvantel is identified on London Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe 2017.


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